Why is it necessary to cut so many holes in the walls and ceiling?

This is a question I am asked a lot. Some people are aware of the long flexible drill bits electricians have, but aren't sure why it's inappropriate to use them to run wires between pot lights and plugs through finished walls. Plumbing might be a bit more obvious as to why lots of holes are needed but I still hear the same questions.

I am an expert at minimizing drywall cutting and am often able to find creative ways to avoid most or all of the drywall patching. That being said, more often than not, it is better and safer to cut access holes.

The main reason is that drilling blind is always a bad idea. As seen in the picture in this article, existing wiring can be nicked and ducts and water lines can be damaged. In some cases the symptoms of this damage may not appear immediately but rather years down the road. For example when you plug a heater in to the damaged electrical circuit and the wiring fault fails dangerously. Hitting plumbing has obvious issues that don't require much explanation. There are also smaller issues such as the fact that you can't run your wires too close to a heating duct. If you drill blind you will never know until it's too late.

Unfortunately cutting access holes is often necessary but insures a clean professional installation of your electrical and plumbing lines without taking risks.

So next time you are planning a new rough in, expect to do a new paint job too as you likely will need to have drywall patch work done.

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