Edison Bulbs


Fixture Installations

Prices vary depending on the fixture involved and removal of the old.  However for standard fixtures, an average range can be from 30-80 for removal and installation can be expected

Exterior/Soffit Lights

Depending on your building and how many lights you choose to install, pricing ranges from 150-250 for these pot lights.  Usually power will need to be run up to them from a timer at the electrical panel which can range from 250-350

Ceiling Fans

Fan installation is often in the 60-100 range.  Keep in mind, if you don't have the proper heavy duty fan connection box then one may need to be installed at additional costs, up to 200 in some cases

Pot Lights

Holes are required on ceilings with no access above i.e. attics

Price of patching can vary but is included in your estimate

Main Floor, patching needed 150-250

Top Floor With Attic no patch 100-120

Dropped Ceiling 90

Landscape Lighting

There are many options to liven up your property.  Request an estimate for more info

Shop Lighting and Flood Lights

There are various options form high bay lighting, linear strip lights to occupancy sensors and contactor installations for commercial clients. Request a consult for more info. 


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